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Tips to Choose the Right Property Consultant for you

Looking to buy a property? Whether it’s a flat, house, or vacant land, proper research about the locality and the offering prices is a must. In reality, most buyers don’t have enough time or resources to conduct in-depth research or background check. In such situations, you should seek help from a renowned property consultant.

But beware, because the real estate market is full of touts and fraudsters. Thus, before choosing a property consultant, here are some tips that you should follow.

  • Consultant Should have a Proper Knowledge of the Market

If you are looking for a property consultant in Delhi or anywhere else, make sure your consultant has the proper market knowledge and skills. As a property buyer, you are supposed to get guidance and advice from the consultant.

Pulkit Vij¸ the owner of Kamal Associates says, “The main quality of a good consultant is knowledgeable about the industry. Buyers look up to us for guidance and advice. Thus, it is our responsibility to assist them and provide them with detailed info on the property of their choice”.

  • Must have Good Communication Skills

One of the foremost qualities of a consultant is his or her communication skills, irrespective of the industry. The property consultant of your choice should be easily approachable and should be able to clear your doubts.

Before choosing the consultant, ask yourself one simple question, “Can he understand my budget and needs?” If the answer is yes, your consultant and you are on the same page.

  • Check for Credentials and References

If you are looking for a 1Bhk Flat in Delhi, you should talk to a property consultant at the earliest. But before finalizing, ask for the credentials. A property consultant in Delhi or any other place must be registered with the concerned authorities of the state. If not, the government can take disciplinary action against them in the future.

Thus, for your safety and to prevent any harassment in the future, always ask for the license of your consultant. You should even keep a copy of the same for future use, in case of any mishaps.

  • Do your Research

We understand that not every buyer has the time or the necessary resources to conduct in-depth researches on the property they are interested in. But, before blindly trusting the words of your property consultant, try to gather a little info, 

regarding the property of your choice, the locality, and also your consultant.

Better safe than sorry, right? Contact other consultants, seek help from the internet, or have a chat with the locals around the property. If possible, you can also talk to other customers that the consultant has served in the past.

  • Contact Us

Still, confused about choosing a property consultant that suits your needs? Let us help you. Here at Kamal Associates, we have served thousands of clients over 20 years, helping them find the right consultant. 

You can contact us at:

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