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When there are so many certifications around, there is bound to be confusion, which would be the best pick to enhance your career prospects. The courses have their own benefits, and perhaps some of the aspiring candidates end up getting certified in all. But not many have the luxury to pursue all or more than one. But some tough choices have to be made ITIL. The candidate would then get into the details of each course and what career profile that needs to be followed. It will provide an idea when the candidate is picking the training modules for certification.

Professionals across the world have relied on these certifications to further their careers. It has been one of the criteria for several companies to check on candidates who have specific certifications that add some credibility to their resume and some of them are

If we look into each course with a bird’s view, the candidate will have a certain amount of clarity for picking the right course to pursue.

PRINCE2 certification

The PRINCE2 course is one of the most popular certifications and has been there for quite some time, with revised versions now implemented into the course study. The course is driven by seven themes, principles, and processes. The aspirant will be able to learn how to customize complex projects and adapt it to the required work environments. It teaches how to control, manage as well as to measure the project phases. Knowing how to control resources will help to reduce the risk are some of the objectives of the PRINCE2.

PMP certification

The course offers a better understanding of the processes in a project as well as terminologies. The candidate can get up to date information with trending practices of project management. It enables the candidate on how to schedule delivery on time and allocate time resources efficiently. A lot of importance is put on the integration, scope, time, cost, quality, resource, communication, risk, and finally, procurement for managing the project.

ITIL Certification

The course is process-based and works on a framework that gives insight into service management. The resources of an IT service system can be optimally utilized and bringing up the effectiveness of the process. It also enables cost reduction when the ITIL framework is applied. This certification can help improve the efficiency of IT services.

All of the above certifications complement each other, and if the aspirant decides to take more than one certification, it can be useful in the long-term. The certification may be an extra credential to your CV, but you need to pick the right one to pursue. Usually, when picking a certification, you may consider

  • Current employment
  • Future employment
  • Present environment
  • The kind of organization
  • Your location


The kind of market you choose to work in will determine your choice. Any of the three certifications can further your profile. Combining any two certifications also can be a great career boost. The candidate cannot just rely on management basics but needs to improve on the project’s performance as well. Picking up the project lifecycle through a framework or learning the right approach to IT Services wouldn’t do the trick when you are hired as you are supposed to head a team and be aware of all the aspects. Hence many of the experts ascertain taking up two of the certifications.  Experience in the same field will allow you the liberty to pick one of the certifications because you may have picked the other principles or methodologies on the job.


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