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Wedding Registry

Weddings are a part of every Indian’s dream. There is always the band baaja baarat, extravagant food and much more. Humans spend a lot of money on this big fat celebration. What they don’t understand is that it also amounts to a lot of wastage in the world. Food amounts to 50% of the wastage. Wedding gifts also form a big chunk of the wastage. This wastage is formed by wasteful gifts that the couple will not use. It also includes bouquets because of how many flowers can a person really carry back home after the wedding? Which is why it is advised that a couple should create a wedding registry for their big day. 

A wedding registry is basically a list that couples create. This list is filled with gifts that a couple might want for their wedding. Most couples never use the crockery, glassware, photo frames, lamps and casseroles that their guests give them. Which is why a wedding registry is the best way to let guests know of their choices so that they can buy them just that. This way the problem of repetition of gifts is also eliminated. 

If you’re wondering what to put on that list, here’s a quick list of must-have/essentials on your wedding registry. 

Gift cards

Always start with these because even if there is something you might have missed out on the list you can always go and buy it with the gift card.

Kitchen appliances

A new member in the family calls for new kitchen appliances. While this is not such an essential for couples living with in-laws, this is a must have for couples moving out together. Ovens, mixers, blenders, ice cream and bread makers are all essentials too. 

Honeymoon packages

Corona or no Corona, travelling is definitely going to resume in the world, these little honeymoon packages will take you a long way in saving some travel money

Board games

With lockdown becoming more of a reality, it’s time to bring some entertainment home. There are so many board games that a couple or a family can play that make for the best time pass. 

Home Decor

Whether the couple is moving into a new house or not, home decor is definitely an essential. Most of the men generally go in for a makeover of their room when they get married. So that way, home decor is definitely an essential. 

Medical supplies

With Corona becoming the reality of life, it’s better to take all the precautions needed to stay safe. A couple can also consider adding masks, sanitisers and disinfectants on their wedding registry so that they can ensure good protection from the virus. 

Cash registry

For couples who can’t decide what they want post the wedding, this is the best option so that they have liquid cash in their hand when deciding what to buy. If the amount is handsome, the couple can also think about investing the money. 


Be it the Corona phase or no corona phase, charity is always a good way to start one’s life. So this is definitely something a couple must consider adding to their wedding registry. 

So these are the wedding gifts that a couple could add to their wedding registry. 


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