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If you look around, you will see that buying refurbished used laptops is quite common now. Customers are attracted to refurbished products because of their cheap prices and a good warranty. These laptops are not only purchased by individuals but also businesses, schools, and NGOs who want cost savings. It is always best to buy reconditioned laptops if you don’t have enough money to buy a new laptop. In this article, you will find how refurbished laptops are a better choice than secondhand laptops. 

Difference between refurbished and used laptops? 

Refurbished laptops  

It is a professionally restored computer similar to a new one which comes with a good warranty. Theses laptops are sold directly by manufacturers, retailers, or resellers. You can expect the prices to be higher than secondhand laptops as these reconditioned laptops are thoroughly checked by engineers to ensure they are in perfect working state and physical condition. 

Used laptops

A used or secondhand laptop is usually purchased from the owner who is using it therefore the transaction can be risky. It is sold in the same condition the owner has been using it, therefore the quality is more variable. Unfortunately, you can expect that the warranty would be expired unless the laptop is less than two years old. The positive part is that the prices are very nominal as sellers mostly don’t know how much worth it is of a seconhand laptop. 

How to find a good laptop deal  

Finding a secondhand or refurbished laptop in the market can be a hectic hunt. We have some pointers to help you find a good deal.

The used life of the laptop 

A core i5 laptop put up for sale for an as low price as £85 may sound very tempting. However, if you go through the list of processors you will find out that they are first-generation models which means they are 9 to 10 years old. Old technology means the computer might be slow in use, may have smaller hardware capacity, worn-out in appearance, and battery issues. 

Opt for reliable sellers 

Refurbished laptops are sold by a known manufacturer, retailer, or reseller however used laptop is put up for sale by existing owners through pictures uploaded in the listings. A good seller will have a 99% positive review and he will mention the minute defects on the laptop with pictures. However, you should still exercise caution while purchasing a secondhand computer as you will not get any warranty.

Go through the specs 

If you want business laptops with the latest specs then refurbished laptops can be a great way to save money. However used laptop can be cheaper but may have old specs with a slow processor, less power efficient battery, and old hardware. This will reduce the overall performance of each employee and they may not be satisfied with the display requirements as old models have lower resolution than full HD.


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