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IT Certifications

Your certificate will test your skills or products. To stay competitive in your process and test your knowledge, it is important to update your certifications. Getting a certificate is no small achievement. As it doesn’t only add to your resume but also helps in boosting your pay scale. However, once you have studied and practised for the exam, it is important to know how long that certificate will last and what needs to be done to maintain it. Here we will look at when and how to update the most popular IT Certifications.

IT Certification Expires – But Why?  

The expiry of the IT Certifications depends on the certification type. For many product-related certifications, they never expire. However, this is because if you have a Microsoft Windows 7 certificate, you probably have enough knowledge to use that operating system, and the certification will not go to confirm your system for the next operation. Certificates based on qualifications usually need to be renewed. This is because skills-related technology is constantly evolving, and you need to be up to date with the changes you make.


AWS certificates are valid for three years. The AWS re-certification process is easier than most. You must restart the latest version of the same AWS certificate, or you may receive an AWS Advanced Certificate. For example, if you try to renew your AWS Certified Solutions Architect certificate, you can ask AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional to revalidate. Don’t worry! AWS will give you a discount. To upgrade, you can pass the certification exam and get a 50% discount.


Most CompTIA certificates expire every three years. If you are unable to renew your credentials within three years, you will need to pass the latest version of the exam to regain your certificate. The CompTIA server plus and the CompTIA project plus are considered for life and do not require replacement. They have several different options for renewing a CompTIA certificate. With the purpose to retain IT professionals, CompTIA allows individuals to retrain online IT training for their qualifications. Each certification requires a certain number of units within three years of renewal. You can receive these units through projects such as work experience, publishing on relevant blogs or participating in IT-Pro-TV webinars.


ISC (2) has a program that holds your current CompTIA-like certificate. If you are an ISC (2) certified member, you must earn a certain number of CPEs during the three years of validity of your certificate. You can get a CPE in a great number of ways, such as reading a book, attending a conference, or managing professional aspects. If you do not meet your CPE requirements within 90 days of completing the certification, the certification will expire.


In 2018, Microsoft announced that its certificates would no longer be valid. MCSE, MCSA, and MSCD certifications expired after several years, but Microsoft has improved its certification program in recent years. Microsoft defines a certificate as active or inherited. Active shows that the technology that accompanies the certification is the latest version and is still valid. Active means that the credential for a Microsoft product or service has not expired and the test has not been cancelled. Older certificates refer to products or services that have been replaced or updated and are no longer applicable. However, the query indicates that the product or service has reached the end of its useful life and the audit has been completed. This way, your Microsoft certificate never expires but is marked as an active or older certificate. Therefore, it is recommended that you obtain active certification when the last Microsoft certificate reaches obsolete status.


This certification of PMI lasts for 3 years. You must earn a certain number of business development units to continue certification. To obtain a PMP certificate, you must earn 60 units every three years to maintain certification. These units fall into two categories: education and training and you should have these units in three different areas.


VMware has decided to give you the chance to re-certify. VMware requires a certificate every two years for the certificate to be valid. In response to user feedback, VMware decided not to re-certify in early 2019 and instead chose when to re-certify. VMware always interrupts tests that no longer work. Since their certificates are based on products, you can update the certificates to get the latest version of the certificate if you only have 3 late ones. VMware still issues certificates and offers upgrade options.

Why Should IT Certifications Require Re-Certification For Every Few Years?

Re-certification of IT demonstrates a commitment to your skills and abilities in a particular field. For example, renewing an IT service certificate is a clear sign that you have the skills and experience to monitor, maintain, and configure all types of IT services. It includes new areas and thus strengthens your skills and knowledge. Here’s a reminder to help you identify and address challenges in your area. Processes connect you with other IT professionals as well. The computer industry is powerful by nature. Something that is considered dominant today could no longer be next year.

Regular reaffirmation will allow you to succeed in this process and continue to market. Also, most certification companies regularly update the content of their exams. They have access to the latest technology and expertise to help you gain knowledge in your field. An account will help you maintain your knowledge. When maintaining IT applications, you must show that you follow the development of technology and industry. Therefore, it is your responsibility to renovate it regularly. By securing a new certification, you ensure that you can remain a candidate for the market.

Employees Also Need Re-Certification

Obtaining an IT certificate is a clear sign that you have acquired the skills and knowledge to become a competent IT professional. By maintaining certificates, you need to prove that you are aware of new technologies and achievements. Information technology and training are at the forefront to ensure you get the IT training you want to advance your career with. CompTIA certifications are designed to be considered a recognizable candidate for testing your knowledge and skills with potential and current employers.

Studies clearly show that expertise is one of the main factors influencing unemployment. At a time when redundancies are becoming more common, employers tend to retain employees with current and relevant knowledge. If they choose between two people with the same experience and skills, the administrator is more likely to keep the one with the current IT specification.


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