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Whenever you try a new Skincare Product, whether it’s for your hair or for your skin, you look for immediate results. It’s good if they can really show noticeable improvement after one use, but even if they do, you still have to think twice before adding them permanently to your routine.

Especially for skincare, you need to ask the following questions:

Is it good for sensitive skin?

No, this isn’t just for those who actually have sensitive skin. When you start using a new product, you don’t know how it will react to your skin. Even if you haven’t had any issues with other Skincare Product before, you can’t guarantee that that will be the case for all products. It’s safer to try new products that are known to work well with sensitive skin so that you can feel more confident that they will not cause damage regardless of your actual skin type.

Do you experience a noticeable difference?

Give the product a week before you start looking for results. In the case of Korean skincare products, BB creams and CC creams are touted to give benefits to the skin after continued use. This means you can see some effect on your first application, but it won’t be enough to gauge the effects over time. After a week of using the product, that’s when you can start to see your skin look lighter and more hydrated. Take note, of course, that the actual results of a product will still depend on its compatibility with your skin.

Does it fit your budget?

You see the results, and you’re happy with it. But what about the price tag? If you had to use your credit card to pay for the latest addition to your skincare routine, you might not feel its pinch in your wallet for that first purchase. However, if you have to keep paying for another bottle or pack through your credit card, the bills might start to pile up soon enough. You’ll know it fits your budget if you can pay for it in cash without feeling that pinch.

Is it accessible?

One big mistake when buying skincare, especially if you’re a fan of Korean skincare, is buying in bulk when you’re in Korea and then just letting the products expire because you couldn’t use all of them at once. You’ll be losing money and wasting unused product if you do that. Thankfully, nowadays you don’t have to travel to Korea to get the products you love because they could be available online. So check your favorite skincare shop online and see if the products you love are available. If it’s not available, check any of the alternatives. It’s better to use a product that you can buy with a couple of clicks rather than a product that you have to travel for.

You expect that the products you spend money on will work on your skin, but keep your expectations to realistic levels. Be wise in your skincare purchase and be wise in the questions you ask as well.


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