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There is no denying the fact that Italians cuisine is one of the popular cuisines around the world. Not only famous, but it is also ubiquitous. It does not matter in which part of the world you are; you can always find Italian cuisine in the local restaurants. 

Although Italian food is present all across the world, cooking one like an Italian requires skills. After all, heating a pre-made pizza in an oven, or, rustling a quickly packed lasagne cannot be called authentic Italian cooking. 

If you are a big fan of Italian cuisine and wish to cook yourself, just like the Italians do, then here are some quick Italian cooking tips and tricks for you. 

So, read on and see for yourself. 

Invest in the best ingredients

We don’t know if you have ever heard of this, but Italian food is all about the ingredients. Cooking Italian food is simple; it is just the ingredients used that play the game. So, you must always focus on buying high-quality ingredients on emulating Italian flavour in your kitchen. 

Choose the right pan

People usually do not realize the difference a pan can make in the final result of any food item. Well, there is a reason that different types of pan exist in the world. A saute pan is excellent for braising veggies or meat; a paella pan is best for cooking a yummy risotto, and a cylindrical pot is perfect for cooking pasta. 

So, make sure that you cook in the right pan to get the most out of your dish. 

Season while you cook

Well, sure you can fix a dish after you are done cooking it, and that’s what sea salt and pepper are meant for. Also, Italians don’t use pepper while cooking, traditionally, but when they do, they add it during cooking. And when it’s about the salt, they usually add it at the beginning. 

So buy sea salt online and use it while cooking, at the beginning only. And if you wish to add pepper, you already know when to add it.

Use spices and herbs artfully

You can easily buy Italian spices online because you will need these. Spices and herbs are used to enhance the taste and flavour of other ingredients. So, while you use these herbs and spices, you have to use them artistically so that only the flavour enhances. 

Almost all the herbs and spices are available in the market, and you can also buy spices online, even herbs too. So, get yours today and use them in a way that the flavouring is not identifiable. 

Make sauce on your own

Never go for a pre-made pasta sauce that tastes like a mixture of sugar and salt. It is very easy to make pasta sauce on your own. All you need to make tomato sauce is mix olive oil, onion, oregano/fresh basil, chopped tomatoes, garlic, with a little seasoning. 

Use sauce in the right amount

When it comes to eating pasta, people like to eat pasta with some sauce on it and not the other way. So, once you are done making the perfectly tasting sauce, use it in the right amount. 

Taste the food while cooking

Food in Italy is usually cooked on direct heat, and this might be one of the reasons why Italians nurture the food all through while cooking. They taste the food while cooking, eventually adjusting the taste as required. This helps in making sure that the cooked food is going to turn out delicious. 

Now, serve it with love and godere!!

Once you are done cooking the meal, the biggest trick to enjoy the same is by serving it with love Italians. If you have prepared the meal to eat the same with friends & family, make it a big event. Sit together, and enjoy the meal with them. 


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