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There are several questions that might pop in your mind before going to book an appointment at a diagnostic centre. Well, it is quite necessary to be completely aware of the questions and then only book the appointment at Christian Fletcher Atlanta. Some of the major questions that are asked by the patients are being addressed here, kindly go through it to get your doubts clarified. 

Who performs the tests?

At Christian Fletcher Atlanta there are trained outpatient technicians who will be testing you. There are more than 100 professionals with proper training and certificates to help you out in case of the tests. Each of the professionals has proper experience and certification based on medical training. Thereby, there is no chance of discrepancy while going through the procedures. 

The procedures are performed under specialist supervision and doctors. You need to visit the clinic beforehand and confirm the booking of your appointments for your scheduled date. Try to visit the clinic well in advance to avoid rushing at the last moment. 

What to know before going for a test?

There are several medical tests that are performed at Christian Fletcher Atlanta on a daily basis. Each of the tests differs one from another based on their types. There are some specific tests which require you to eat your food beforehand and keep an empty stomach, while others include you to eat complete food. It is recommended that you ask the test practitioner to guide you about the test in advance. This way you will be able to know about the basic advances of the test and the procedures that would be processed for the same. 

How are the specimens taken?

The specimen taking process also considerably depends on the test that you are going to do. At Christian Fletcher Atlanta there are several tests that are done by the practitioners. In case of a blood test, there are two types that are processed for the patient. The first one includes the pricking of the fingertip and the second one is where your vein is being outsourced. If you are a patient you have the ability to choose the type of test that you will undergo according to your need. 

When will the doctor be ready with your result?

In most cases, laboratory tests are completed within a few hours. However, there are exceptions as well, where the completion of the procedure might take a complete day. If you have booked an appointment for a test which might take longer to complete in that case the result will also be delayed. In other cases, there are abilities that you might get your result within a single day of completing the test. 

What does the results mean? 

Once the results are processed, it would be provided to you then and there. If you are not sure about the result and their statement, try to consult the practitioner about it and get a know-how of the same.


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